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About Us -24 HR Garage Door Company: We established our company ten years prior with the goal of providing quality garage doors at affordable prices. Today, we are the best specialists in the business, equipped with a talented group, present-day innovation, and the endorsements of thousands of clients in and around Westmont. We take into account all the needs of your garage doors. Armed with the information and tremendous experience of our gifted specialists, even the most difficult issues are effortlessly resolved and settled. In addition to our skills and experience, we endeavor to serve our clients round-the-clock and maintain our skill level when it comes to a wide variety of different garage door issues.

Residential Garage Door Repair / Replacement: When you have problems with your garage door, it creates major difficulties and interferes with your daily activities. It can also be very draining and cause you to lose time and energy. However, our company provides timely maintenance and repair services to ensure your garage door continues to operate correctly while reducing the stress and hassle to your day. Need to install a new garage door right away? There's no need to worry, here, we can install a durable, brand new garage door to assist your property from experiencing typical security threats. Our company has been providing quality residential garage door services for over a decade and have established a reputation as being one of the most reliable garage door companies in the city. Our professional demeanor combined with our work ethics and friendly, warm attitude is why our services excel far beyond the rest. And its why we are the number one choice of the people in our community…. Click here to read more

Quality, Trust and Expertise: We have been one of the most admired garage door companies for quite some time. This is based primarily on our unwavering commitment to customer service. We have served many residential customers and businesses. As a result, we have won their confidence. We are able to satisfy the differing needs of our business customers and guarantee that our services never miss the mark. Click to learn more.

Schedule an Inspection for Maintenance: Have you been overlooking a defective garage door for quite a while? When was the last time you had routine maintenance or repair done? Garage doors, just like anything else, tend to have numerous issues like rust, the absence of spring flexibility, and many more. These issues can represent a genuine risk to you and your property. This is why it's critical to have an expert garage door company like us close by. Broken links and springs or erroneous power settings are indications of approaching disasters. We provide convenient repair services to identify these issues. Your safety, as well as the safety of your belongings, are a high priority for us. Click to learn more.

Spring Systems: Springs are vital parts when it comes to the smooth functioning of a garage door. They are responsible for raising and lowering your garage doors. Because springs are the weight-bearing segments of the garage door, they can be a threat to safety and property if they are broken. This is one of the reasons why you should call a specialist to examine your garage door springs and fix, repair or replace them as necessary.​

Door Openers: Sensors and Keys: You rarely hear of garage doors being opened manually these days because modern technology has completely transformed this basic function. It can now be opened much easier and smoother as result of remote controls and other technologies in the market place.  This includes motion sensors, automated garage door openers and other high-end technology. But, even though we have the convenience of this type of advancement, even the most advanced systems can experience defects that result in disruptions from time to time. As result, you need the services of qualified experts  such as ours to address any mishaps when using automated garage door opening systems.

Garage Door Choices: Considerations: Overhead sectional garage doors are perfect for offices and for homes that have a limited amount of space. These doors are different from other types of garage doors in that they do not need a lot of clearance in front of them. They also contain different sections that allows them to be rolled up on a track vertically towards the ceiling. We offer a wide range of overhead garage doors at unbeatable prices. We also provide maintenance and repair services on these doors as well.

Replacement vs. Repair: If you invest in a brand new car only to discover that your garage is not safe enough to protect your vehicle due to a broken spring, how would you feel? Concerned, right? That would not be a good situation. Garage doors are designed to protect your vehicles and other valuables. Therefore it's essential to select the correct garage door that performs appropriately with very little maintenance. We have a team of experts who have installed several garage doors in the area and provides only the best quality doors to protect your new vehicle and other vital assets.

Why Choose Us for Your Garage Doors?: When using your garage door on a daily basis, it eventually takes a toll on its performance and all of its parts, whereby it gradually starts diminishing in its appearance. It's important to have your garage door serviced on a regular basis so that it performs at its best at all times. Our company provides ongoing maintenance services in addition to installing customized garage doors that hold up against overuse, and harsh weather. We build garage doors using the best material in the marketplace that is durable, attractive and complements the decor of your home.


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