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Springs are vital parts when it comes to the smooth functioning of a garage door. They are responsible for raising and lowering your garage doors. Because springs are the weight-bearing segments of the garage door, they can be a threat to safety and property if they are broken. This is one of the reasons why you should call a specialist to examine your garage door springs and fix, repair or replace them as necessary.

Our technicians possess the relevant knowledge, skill and expertise needed to work with springs. Springs are selected based on the weight of the door, size, and other requirements. Selecting inappropriate springs to lift the designated load can cause grave consequences. This is why experienced professional garage door experts here should handle this. We've been helping the community with repairs, servicing garage door springs, and dealing with pressing garage door issues for more than ten years.

Our Service Team has been repairing and replacing garage door springs for garage doors all across the area. Our products stand out for their longevity, superior design, and safety. There are two basic types of spring systems a customer can chose depending on their budget and garage door needs:

Why Do Garage Doors Have Torsion Springs? in Thousand Oaks

Present day torsion springs have an edge over expansion springs regarding security and unwavering quality. The uniqueness of this framework is the thing that brings forth its quality. The whole setup involves a firmly twisted spring over a pole, with links going through drums at the two closures. At the point when the entryway is lifted, the spring loosens up. 

Most garage doors rely on the use of torsion springs. The number of springs required depends on the garage door. For instance a heavy-duty garage door may require multiple springs but a single-car garage may have a door that only requires one or two springs. At Our Company our service team can assess how many springs you need and install them.

B. Extension springs

Extension springs utilize the concept of expansion and contraction. Plus, they have a substantial load-bearing capacity. During operation, the spring remains in its default, expanded position when the door is shut and contracts when the door is open. These springs can handle enormous tension and inexperienced handling is not suggested. If an old spring snaps while in motion, it can release all its weight which is enough to cause grave damage to both people and property.

Extension springs are reasonably priced, but they will require more attention with wear and tear to ensure your garage door functions properly. When you chose Our Company for your spring-related issues, you will always receive comprehensive solutions with an affordable price-tag.


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